The Textile Department of Korea Itochu is doing the complete business in foreign and domestic import/export sales that includes everything from raw material to sewing products. We are also doing a Brand Licensing Business that involves supplying special materials to proper production factories. The total Textile related industry is responsible for the after sales market and management so that Itochu can pursue only the best businesses. At the same time, we are doing our best to acquire new markets.

The Brand Business is seeking after and bringing high-quality foreign brands into the domestic market. Based on our prominent marketing power, we have made long-term relationships with various other companies. Through establishing solely owned stores we are concentrating on strengthening our operations in the Korean market. With such superiority, we will be the leading market trend company in the future. At present we plan to gradually accelerate the Brand in which we already have over 100 brands in our possession.

We are concentrating on supplying domestic raw materials and original textile to foreign exports through using Global Networks such as: HONGKONG Itochu Textile Prominent (Asia) Ltd and other world wide local limits and branches.

We are acquiring the prominent production base network of China, Asia, and the South America area through the Global Network--namely the Hong Kong Prominent Apparel.

The power that Itochu Textile field has all around the world is overwhelming. The harmonious link and management between these demands and production can be more effectively realized.

Each department, and those persons in charge will please refer to the chart below for more information. We anxiously await the reply of those interested in making a good business with us.