Korean History in ITOCHU
Almost more than 150 years has been passed by since our company, ITOCHU was founded in 1858. Then, right after both Korea and Japan agreed to do the national relation, ITOCHU Corporation opened the office in Seoul in 1963. During those times we have been engaged in not only the trading business, but also the fields for a various kinds of projects, technology and funds in order to expand our business. We were quite honored to have been able to contribute to the remarkable economic growth in Korea, which represented as so called ¡°Miracle of Han River¡± project.

New Paradigm, New Mission, New ITOCHU Korea Ltd.
In order to expand the export transactions according to Korean Government¡¯s assistance, ITOCHU Korea Ltd. was established as a local subsidiary company in 1994. Under the new Paradigm stage of the Korean economy based on the deregulation and the IMF crisis, ITOCHU Korea Ltd. had a new start on October in 1999 under the new mission by merging ITOCHU Corporation Seoul branch office.

Business Circumstance - Korea/Japan Partnership in the 21st Century
After the IMF crisis, the relationships between Korea and Japan was improved in many fields due to the numerous efforts by the supporting groups, such as both of the governments. Among the Globalizations, IT Revolution and Distribution Revolution, we have established a new partnership as a friendly neighborhood. Looking ahead to the 21st Century, it has established the circumstances that contribute to properties of Northeast Asia. On the other hands, to overcome the global finance and economic crisis started from US, the more aggressive collaboration and alliance not only between Korea and Japan, but also among Korea, Japan and China must be necessary.

Together with ITOCHU Group
ITOCHU Group has approx. over 151verseas offices in over 80 countries as the globally worldwide network. They had US$43,127 million in the annual sales turnover based on the year 2016statistic through so called the six division companies, such as Textile/Machinery /Metals & Minerals/Energy & Chemicals /Food/General Products & Realty/ICT & Financial Business. As a big organization, ITOCHU Korea Ltd., a local subsidiary company, is selling US$1.3 million annually.

Vision of ITOCHU Korea LTD.
We have the following on-going issues that need to keep our eyes on because these might affect the business and policy environments in Korea: policies to improve the Korea-Japan relationship; the new policies to ease the tension on the Korean Peninsula; the implementation of the free trade agreement between Korea and other countries; the global warm matters; the shift of global economic initiatives to G20 structure; 21st century¡¯s wave of restructuring including the global finance and economic crisis, and there will be no limitation that ITOCHU Korea Ltd. can be more involved, in the form of projects to embark on to maintain our dominance.

We think that the Omi Shounin¡¯s(Omi Merchant) philosophy, such as so called ¡°Sampo-Yoshi¡±(Good for 3 ways, which is Good for the Seller, Good for the Buyer, and Good for the Society)¡± which was the basis of business in ITOCHU Corporation by our founder, is shared by all our business associates, and under these spirits, we think it is our mission to provide all of the stakeholders with the great satisfaction by creating the new value and deepening the collaboration together. Having our corporate message ¡°I am one with infinite missions¡± imprinted boldly in our mind, each one of us, employees of ITOCHU KOREA, will continue contributing to growth of society.

President & CEO
Hideo Ohori